Camp Connect Moar 2023

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Welcome to the Landing page for Connect MoaR


Arrival and Address

5 O’Clock on Rod’s Road

When arriving:


Camp Events

Games 3pm-6pm Daily

Tea 12am-2am Daily

Yoga 10am-11:30am Tues/Thurs

Light Show 9pm-11pm Tues/Thurs

To adjust your time slot please speak with Momma Diz or Adam

Day Games 3-6pm Tea 12am-2am Light Show 9pm-11pm Yoga 10am-11:30am
Sunday Dorthy,Nevine Marcel,Jackie
Monday Nathan,Levi Jeremy,Ryan,Anton
Tuesday Moana,Conner,Anton Alexa,Kyle,Olena Abel(Marky) Niko/Laura
Wednesday Ethan,Nancy,Amanda M Paul,Sofia,Danny
Thursday Ariel,Scott,Derick Franck,Yurii,Anton David Niko/Laura
Friday Amanda B, Spencer,Olena Randy, Bikram,Anton
Saturday Michael,Coline

Meal Plan

One of the amazing benefits of being a Connect Moar Camper is that you’re part of the meal program.
Everyone gets a dinner prepared nightly by the OUTSTANDING kitchen team!

Please remember - The meal program only accomodates our campers! This means please don’t make it awkward for kitchen having to turn people away.
They will already have worked for weeks leading up to the Burn as well as hours every day to make this special for you. Please do your part to make it special for them too!

The team is looking to start prep so that meals are served a bit before dusk so that they’re still able to practice Safety Third Principles! and so they also get to all head out and have a fun evening as well. We’ll discuss specifics on Playa during the Mandatory all-camp meeting.

Also note - Dinner is Mon-Sat. This means 1 meal per day, and we’re all on our own for Sunday/Temple day.

The current 2023 menu plan is:


Camp Layout

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